I took these photos last September, but kinda sorta forgot to post them. So I am proud to present the most tardy Cross Vegas Cyclocross race photos ever.


This annual Las Vegas cyclocross race is unusual in that the pro races take place after dark. This makes photographing the event an interesting challenge. I traveled out to the Interbike trade show with a very minimal gear kit, but I wanted to make sure to get some shots at the cross race that were unique. Of course I wanted to use off camera lighting to capture some dramatic images that differ from the throngs of on camera flash shots being captured by the hundreds of other photographers.


The above image has a similar lighting style to the photos from the US Pro Cycling Challenge in Colorado this summer. But instead of a high powered Alien Bee and HSS Hack, I was able to use Nikon SB900s and regular sync speeds since there wasn’t much power needed at all.



I also used a lower shutter speed to add a little motion blur to impart the sense of speed. In fact, as the evening progressed, I played with using a longer and longer shutter to add some motion blur to the images. I love the color and the motion the blur, as well as the water spray frozen in mid air.


I didn’t feel like taking part in the scrum of all the photographers looking for that quintessential finish line shot, so I camped out around the corner. Lars van der Haar takes the win.


Third loser Rob Peeters shows the agony of defeat … but I’m sure he’s not losing any sleep about this loss after his silver medal at the World Championships yesterday.